Managing in Networks

Research Based Common Sense Approach for Creating Value in Networks

Networking is cooperation based on trust and reciprocity and it takes place between individuals, groups and organisations. Networks are needed when we seek to develop something new, work more flexibly and respond to clients’ needs comprehensively
Doctor of Economics Timo Järvensivu has researched and developed networking and managing networks for over 15 years, initially as a university researcher and currently as a full-time entrepreneur and trainer. This book offers tools and views based on these experiences:

• What is the basis for good networking?
• What are the required practical steps?
• What type of leadership is needed?
• What types of networks exist?
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Dialogue from Managing (in) Networks – Timo Järvensivu 2020

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What readers have said about The Book

”Timo´s Book excels in describing how to exceed what’s existing.”

Lorili Jacobs

Lorili Jacobs

Timo has taken a very welcome and innovative approach to networking and people management. Without directly saying so, he invites us to question why we repeatedly use the dictatorial “top down” goal setting approach within our project groups and networks.

Setting the outcome for a project has long been seen as the ideal. However, taking the time to build a consultative outcome is becoming recognised as new best practice because this approach allows buy-in and commitment from all parties to work together for a mutually beneficial result.

In addition, there are many “pearls of wisdom” scattered throughout the book that can easily slip into your everyday use. Readers with life experience may nod agreement at some strategies or they may not! Either way they will not be bored.

The conversational style of writing Timo has used makes this book a relaxed read rather than a chore. It’s translation from Finnish to English has been well done with cultural differences addressed to acclimate the reader.

I thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who has ever been frustrated or disillusioned when working with a project team, volunteer association, professional network or in business management: here are alternatives to consider!

Lorili Jacobs, Resources Coordinator for Special Situations Chartered Accountant business in Western Australia.
Previously Manager of an Allied Health government department and PhD student in Women’s Health Research

Erkka Laininen

Erkka Laininen

In his new book Managing (in) Networks PhD Timo Järvensivu invites us all to build networks which can exceed what’s existing.

Järvensivu’s text is clear and tangible and he continuously challenges the reader to reflect one’s own actions and thinking. The lines speak through Järvensivu’s notable experience and wisdom gained by learning from mistakes. Theory and practice are brought nicely together. The book is excellent reading not barely for those who are in a managing position but for all interested in developing skills needed for working in networks which are built on knowing, trust and commitment.

Erkka Laininen, Planning Manager, The OKKA Foundation for Teaching, Education and Personal Development, Finland
Leena Lahtinen

Leena Lahtinen

The main goal of educational research is to build a welfare society and to ensure that the appropriate developmental and learning opportunities are provided for all children. The early childhood education system in Finland plays an integral part in making sure that this focus is maintained, which, in turn, necessitates the management of various networks.

In his book Managing (in) Networks, Timo Järvensivu outlines useful approaches, tools and techniques that help improve open communication and facilitate trust. These tools have helped coordinate and improve the work and sense of shared purpose within the core group of professionals in our networks of childhood education research and development. Success is up to you – together!

Leena Lahtinen, CEO, Reunamo Education Research OY
Noora Hynynen

Noora Hynynen

Networks are often the best way to find useful solutions to complex problems.

Network achieves its whole potential, when people know and trust each other and are committed to working together. In my experience, you benefit most of your network when you have courage to reveal your fragility and improvement areas. Sometimes it is extremely easy to help someone in a professional-based network. Järvensivu’s book is a valuable toolkit to anyone who wants to evaluate and improve her network.

Noora Hynynen, leading playground supervisor, Helsinki City.

Elina Vesterinen

Elina Vesterinen

Managing (in) Networks provides us a journey to honest and practical basics of networks and describes the challenges often faced. PhD Timo Järvensivu opens up many situations that we all can relate to. This book also helps us to understand the concepts of managing networks and points out the need for evaluation. It was very inspirational to notice that there are very similar problems in managing various networks. I liked the style of Järvensivu honestly describing his own experiences and also the way he normalizes failures. Managing (in) Networks provides something for everyone whether you are in managing position or just want to learn about it.

Elina Vesterinen, Change Agent
Centre of expertise on social welfare in Päijät-Häme and Eastern Uusimaa, Verso

Jarna Savolainen

Jarna Savolainen

Network management is a topical subject. Almost everyone needs basic knowledge and skills for that.

I really loved to read Timo’s book and about his learning process from an academic researcher to a network developer with a deep conceptual and practical understanding of networks. Humans need trust and goals need to be set together. This makes networks powerful. The book is easy to understand and gives lots of concrete examples of how to do it and how to tackle the pitfalls. I really enjoyed reading it and learning new aspects for my work.

Jarna Savolainen, Development Manager, The Centre for Occupational Safety 

Mikael Seppälä

Mikael Seppälä

Finland has a strong welfare state that we have been able to turn to provide a basic level of well-being for most of the population. However, solutions to our current societal and global challenges fall beyond what the welfare state can handle. Even though network leadership has been employed in many sectors in Finland over the years, it’s still a marginal approach to the management of collective challenges.

Timo Järvensivu’s Managing (in) Networks is an important move in popularizing the field in our country. It’s content is by no means limited to a Finnish context. The book is an easily accessible introduction to the topic filled with exercises that can help try out the different parts of the approach.

Mikael Seppälä, Specialist, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Tommi Oikarinen

Since the summer of 2019, the Ministry of Finance has been preparing new methods and procedures for information management and the provision of information and communication technology services in the Finnish public administration. In planning the new operating models, the Ministry of Finance has relied on D.Sc Timo Järvensivu’s expertise in establishing network-like co-operation.

Järvensivu’s book Managing (in) Network – Learning, Working and Leading Together is an excellent frame of reference and approach to organizing forms of cooperation for the needs of digital public administration. An easily approachable, illustrative and at the same time widely informative work will be one of the basic works in the development of our operating models.

Tommi Oikarinen, Senior Ministerial Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Finland